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Specialized Treatment

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Island Day Spa’s Specialized Treatment Services

Our non-intrusive procedures range from teeth whitening to reversing sun damage to face-lifts.

Specialized Treatment Pricing

GX99 Cellulite Reduction Endermologie
This 45-minute process uses massage and mechanical means to rid the body of cellulite.
BleachBright Teeth Whitening
This 30-minute session will lighten your teeth 2 to 8 shades.
Eye Zone Treatment
An exclusive Aveda eye treatment helps to soften lines, diminish dark circles, relieve sinus congestion and reduce puffiness, leaving the delicate eye area feeling refreshed, toned and hydrated.
Sauna Stress Reduction
This 30-minute session promotes relaxation and stress release.
Sauna Detoxification
[30 Minute Single Session $75.00] or [5 Sessions for $359.00] Our detoxification wrap is deeply soothing and rejuvenating for the entire body in the Sauna
Sauna Weight Loss
[ 45 Minute Single Session $135.00] or [5 Sessions for $525.00] The wrap promotes rapid weight loss inside of our Infrared Sauna.
Infrared Sauna Session
Enjoy the relaxing benefits of an infrared sauna session. Use individually or pair with any of our other services.

Alpha Spa Capsule Treatments

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Come experience the secrets of relaxation.